Overcoming Fears

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The fashion industry is huge there is many trends people follow, others will create their own and some simply do not want to follow so they wear what is in their comfort. You do not have to please or compete with anyone when choosing an outfit to wear or matching shoes with it. You are your own fashion influencer!

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Do not let others opinions impersonate your attire or who you are as a person be bold, be bright overcome your fear with a fight. If you want to go subtle just go simple and unique as it is what makes you feel comfortable that is more important.

If you are worried to wear something you have never worn before it’s okay everyone does but you won’t overcome it if you do not at least try it there’s nothing stopping you from a quick try on in the changing rooms otherwise you will never know how you look whether it’s a dress, shoe, handbag or even a simple hat just give it a go and overcome whatever is holding you back there is no other way to find out as sometimes a little push is what we need to look fabulous!