Making a decision on the Wedding outfit

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The most important decision for a girl in her life is to choose the perfect outfit for her wedding day. Not only does it have to be perfect but somewhat a reflection of her heart.


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As mentioned previously picking a wedding day outfit is not only important to a girl but it is a reflection of her heart. Weddings are very costly but this does not mean that the bridal gown has to be too. There is a huge portfolio across the country of stores which provide many different ranges, styles and designs of bridal dresses. There are also many designers which have some very antique designs with various affordable prices so the bride will be able to have her dream look for an inexpensive price.

Samera Couture has a selection of bridal gowns where one or two have been worn once there are some traditional styles with vibrant colours, glamourous designs and detailed cut work. These come with affordable prices as Samera Couture is the place to shop when you want the dream dress for a great value for money, it has an outfit for bridesmaids, the mothers and sisters of both the bride and groom and for any other ladies attending the ceremony. Be sure to check out Samera Couture where those who need affordable dresses either months in advance or are looking to pick up less costly dresses last minute we have exactly what you need with many amazing colours and styles to choose from.

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These availability of options at Samera Couture have been inspired by Pakistani designs and traditional wear. The stock is at affordable prices and once worn it will look as if women have spent a fortune on their outfit when they will not have at all. The best aspect of this is that all designs are in stock and are ready to order for immediate delivery. If you need an outfit suited to your needs then click on our shop and have a look at the fabulous outfits we have on sale.

 Like the traditional bricks and mortar approach Samera Couture has been inspired by latest technology of online shopping to make it easy for its customers to be able to order and receive their parcels in time for their occasion. Not only does this save waiting time in stores whether it’s to pay for it or to try it on, this saves fuel so you can buy and try at home in your own comfort with the rest of the accessories to glimpse what it will look like on the day.

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Below is a list of some of the very many designs we have to help you with your journey at Samera Couture to find the perfect fit for you.

Salwar Kameez-The classic traditional style will compliment almost any figure where the Kameez is like a long top which will sit either above or just at the length of the knees. The salwar is the loose trousers with a tight seam on the ankle to let the rest of the material to fall at the seam of the ankle.

Trouser Suit- Straight leg bottoms with a Kameez sitting just above or just below the knees and can be accessorized with beads on the seam or the hem of the trousers.

Lengha- Mostly known as the Pakistani dress for a traditional bride. A short top which sits below the waist while the lengha itself is a long skater skirt with a trail most of the time, sits under the top. You can have the basic Lengha or a fishtail inspired one and Samera Couture has both. The fishtail is not for every shape, but beautiful on the hour-glass girls as it nicely fits on the hips and flares at the bottom.

Churridar Dress- These are like a fitted dress from the top and flares from the bottom a bit like a sea shell you find on the beach. The bottoms to this are like tubes and are tight all the way and crease till your ankles. Don’t worry you can’t see the shape of your legs as the dress covers your legs and sits just above your ankles and all you can see is the material of Churridar (which is the name of the actual tube shaped bottoms).