Adding detail to your outfit.

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Enhance a touch of elegance by adding accessories to complete your wedding outfit, below are some tips to use whilst making the choice applicable for you.


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Everyone has the ambition to look fabulous on their wedding day it’s the only day that is usually the special in one’s lifetime. It also has to be ideal in terms of accommodating ways to carry the important things with you which are a must-have as you prepare for the function. Clutches, or small handbags are usually the best option for this purpose.

Bridal clutches and purses come in various designs, sizes and colours that have the right amount of carrying ability to hold things like, lipstick, powder, phone, maybe some money, safety pins, perhaps a make-up brush and some mascara. During the wedding family and friends are always wanting to take photos and videos to capture moments or to put up on social media hence why the little clutches are handy to have, when needed you can touch up your make up and look refreshed throughout the day. 

The range of Bridal Handbags

These type of accessories are normally small and lightweight to carry, they come in various designs which are usually made up of sequins, beads, pom-poms and threaded designs. They are often made out of materials such as silk, satin and polyester. 

The usual styles you will find in these bridal bags are clutch, sling bag and pouch. Majority of the time they appear in satin or silk materials to give the elegant finish to one’s entire look, clutches especially they don’t usually come with handles or straps but consist of classy designs which entail sequins, crystals or even beads. Sling bags are of similar appearance to clutches however they come with metal chains which can be worn over the shoulder giving the bag a height usually just below the waist making it easily accessible on the day. Finally pouches, they are usually worn on the wrist by way of a thick thread as they have a crease to open and close the pouch it doesn’t have buttons or zips the way a clutch or a sling bag do.

Emphasis on your outfit.

Choose the perfect clutch or bag for your perfect day and accessorize the dress with it alongside the shoes and jewellery to compliment your look altogether. The handbag should at least be of a similar design to your outfit such as the material colour and the sequins depending on what your dress is made out of.

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You need the bag to compliment your figure and should be easy to handle and not too large, you do not want all eyes glaring on the bag because it should only add elegance to your look the attention should be on you without it dominating in any way.

Don’t forget the Bridesmaids

Sometimes it can be a good idea to match your bridesmaids in a way that could be by way of the bag you chose for your outfit they can have the same design with a different colour. However if you would like you can gift them bags they can use again for other functions, a girl loves her handbags and this would be the perfect thing to give as a gift.

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There is lots to choose from when shopping for accessories for your outfit to complete you look for the day, if you don’t know where to start from contact us at Samera Couture and we would be more than happy to discuss possible options for you and this includes a wide range of accessories such as ring cushions, jewellery, bags and much more.